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  1. Finding Truth – What is the foundation of truth?
  2. How do I discern truth from lies?
  3. Who should I believe?
  4. How do I know if I am saved?
  5. Beginners’ guide: 7 Principles on how to get more faith
  6. Making the change to victory
  7. How can I break free from the whirlpool of sin?
  8. The difference between sinners and saints
  9. Paul’s “struggle with sin” – A Romans 7 Scenario
  10. What comes first – justification, sanctification, or both simultaneously?
  11. Why should God get all the glory?
  12. How do I get my prayers answered?
  13. Fear God – Really? Doesn’t perfect love cast out fear?
  14. 1John 1:8 A license to sin?
  15. Can we receive salvation in our last hour?
  16. 1John 2:1 Is it if or when we sin?
  17. Find happiness by God’s design.
  18. Rom. 10:9 Does “confess and believe” = salvation?
  19. God hardened Pharaoh’s Heart. So is God unjust?
  20. Talking in “tongues”. Is it true in today’s church?
  21. Fully man and fully God? Can Jesus be both?
  22. Jacob and Esau: God’s choice explained
  23. Born sinners? The “Original Sin” doctrine on trial.