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About this site

This site is a collection of solutions to problems that many false doctrines have caused in the church. If we believe right then we have a greater chance of living right. And when we live right we have greater success in our personal lives in this world and in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that those whose hearts do not condemn them (consciously or unconsciously) have the power to access the Father without reserve to obtain what they need to live a successful life. Therefore, it is my intention to help remove the veils that lie over the hearts of many due to bad teaching, and who consequently struggle to gain a closer walk with God.

I write what I have learned and keep learning after more than forty years of professing Christ. Therefore, what I write is a reminder to me also. My heart’s desire is to walk closer and closer to Christ so that the things of the world continue to grow so faintly dim that when the door closes in this life and opens to the next, it would be a simple but joyful transition.

Should any of you wish to speak to me about anything I have written, or would like to ask my biblical insight on anything relating to our relationship with God our Creator through Christ, then please let me know through the email address provided in the contact page.

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This is the section where I have listed posts for those who are still discovering the beauty of holiness and walking with God. They are to help you grow your faith and to obtain the resulting assurance of a conscious peace with God.


The enemy is subtle. Often scripture is not so much changed, but taken out of context to mislead people into vain thinking that is opposed to the purpose and intentions of Christ. Here, I bring to attention some scriptures that are widely spread and used which deceive believers by leading them into paths that are not of Christ.