Food For Growth

Here is a collection of posts to help one grow in respect to salvation.

Knowledge for salvation

Knowledge by itself has a tendency to puff up; but knowledge through the Word of God, if accepted and adopted into one’s life, becomes the power of God that leads to salvation (Rom 1:16). It is only through this knowledge that we can learn how to walk pleasing to the Lord Jesus (Col 1:9-10), and through obedience to what we learn, receive what He has promised .

Over the last forty-plus years of experiencing Christ and studying His Word, I have learnt (and will continue to learn) many of the veiled secrets of God’s Word that He reveals to those who diligently seek Him. Through my posts, I intend to share these discoveries with you, the reader.

Believe what is right

The principles of true Christianity are not a collection of doctrines of men, but the reasonings of what is true, what is right, and what is after the nature of the only God. And if we believe right, we will live right.

This page is for a collection of posts for those who will use reason to discover the deeper wonders of God and self, by learning and applying the truth found in scripture. We are to gain understanding not by being impressionable, believing everything men of status purport without question, but by holding everything that is presented to us to the light of God’s Word (1Th 5:21).

If we are willing to obey what truth we learn, wherever it leads us, God will give us the understanding. If we are not willing, He will permit the veil to remain over our hearts (2Co 3:15-16)]. We are to keep what is found to be true and discard whatever is false. The Principles of Discerning Truth ought to be applied to everything that is presented to us as “truth”.

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