Dispelling Myths – Biblical Exegesis

Dispelling Myths

This is the hermeneutics section. It is the exegesis (or interpretation) of scripture based on The Principles of Discerning Truth.

People throughout the church have struggled with unfulfilled lives, with besetting sin, persistent depression, and lack of godly joy (See How can I find happiness). This is largely because much of scripture has been quoted out of context to support myths and false doctrines of many in high places who pursue their own agendas in leu of the glory of God and His righteousness.

Many of these doctrines have been so harmful to the growth of the body of Christ – the Church, and to the purpose and glory of God that it is no wonder that so many in the Church cannot live the life Christ came to give us.

The problem of dispelling myths

The biggest problem of dispelling myths is not the ability to do so, especially according to the Principles of Discerning Truth. That part is not difficult if one has come to know God and His intentions for man through understanding the fundamentals of scripture. The problem is that dispelling one myth / or false doctrine is opening a can of entwined worms. It affects much of everything else one has come to believe. Because of this, it is difficult to open the eyes of others to the truth of God relating to man. But I hope that those who honestly desire truth wherever it may lead them, will find my posts at least intriguing and thought-provoking.

My intention

Therefore, it is my intention to defend the truth (1Pet 3:15), not offend the reader. I have no personal agenda for my writing other than to serve God and help others understand His Word and His purpose in their lives.  I aim to be as thorough and factual as possible, and without bias.

The interpretations of scripture that I had often been taught from the pulpit had misled me for nearly quarter of a century; and I wondered why I still struggled in my walk with Christ. After this time I began reading the scriptures for what they say, instead of what many teachers present in many church circles. I also set out on a long road of studying copious works of holy men of bygone eras who walked as God will have us walk. Why did I wait so long?

Here is a growing collection of some of the main problematic doctrines as follows:

Post Titles

  1. Fear God – Really? Doesn’t perfect love cast out fear?
  2. Sinners or Saints – Can we be both?
  3. Salvation in our final hour – is it possible?
  4. A license to sin?(1John 1:8)
  5. 1John 2:1 Is it if or when we sin?
  6. Rom. 10:9 Does “confess and believe” = salvation?
  7. God hardened Pharaoh’s Heart. So is God unjust?
  8. Talking in “tongues”. Is it true in today’s church?
  9. Fully man and fully God? Can Jesus be both?
  10. Jacob and Esau: God’s choice explained
  11. Born sinners? The “Original Sin” doctrine on trial
  12. Explaining how Jesus is God – Trinity on Trial
  13. Are NDE’s true? NDE’s on trial