About This Site

I wish to use this site as a platform to answer many questions that have been asked me during my time of teaching, witnessing and sharing with Christians and non-Christians alike. Some of these questions I have included in the FAQ’s page and will continue to work my way through answering them in my posts.  I will also write posts specifically to contribute in the building up of the body of Christ under the pages Food For Growth.

Food for Growth is designed for those who are growing in the Lord Jesus. And Food For Maturity is for those who are familiar with the Word of God but question some of what is being taught as doctrinal truth.

Christianity is the only reasonable faith known to man. It requires firstly, the intellect, and only then, the  heart.”Christian” is the name for one who has come to develop a conscious relationship with the only real God through loving obedience and thankfulness for what He has done for us through Christ.  The requirements to have this relationship are not burdensome, and are reasonable to all thinking moral beings.  I purpose to bring such reasoning to the inquiring honest mind to lead them into the liberty of living a happy life in God through Christ Jesus.

I would also be happy to answer any questions that people may have regarding the Bible, and Christianity as a whole pertaining to life that I haven’t already covered. Any questions or comments can be sent to me on the Contact Us page.



  1. We are all equal in the eyes of God when referring to gender. But, not to encumber my posts with “his or her”, or “his/her” etc., I will usually use the masculine term when speaking of one as a singular representative of people just as the Word of God does.
  2. Instead of cluttering my posts with too many scriptural verse references, I have inserted footnotes where I felt appropriate to help give clarity to what I write.
  3. All scriptures quoted are taken from the 1972 New American Standard Version, unless otherwise stated.